More Macro on a Monday

How was your weekend? Mine actually had a head start with a visit from our Sarah with the added surprise of her bringing my mother to see me! It was a super quick visit with them coming in late Wednesday evening and leaving early Friday morning but it was still good for my soul to have both my girl and my mama here. After they left I had some time to drive around some of our backroads taking pictures. There is so much beauty in the landscape of Louisiana and I hope to share them later in the week so that family and friends in Florida can see more of where we live now.

A lovely dinner with a sweet young family from our church that evening, and a beautiful Saturday morning walking around some of downtown Lake Charles while Claire and her friends solved the CluedUpp murder mystery. This is the second time they’ve done the geo mystery game and it is always a lot of fun. The company does them all over the country and we actually gave two of them to people for Christmas, one that takes place in Pensacola and one in Monroe.

We are so grateful for the sweet friends Claire has found here!

This was followed by Claire’s first formal dance with the homeschool coop we belong to. She takes weekly dance lessons in Lake Charles so it’s fun to actually get to go somewhere and do the foxtrot and Virginia Reel.

Then Rob and I actually went on a date, something we realise we haven’t done since sometime like September? We went to a restaurant called Calla and oh boy! was the food delicious. We started the meal with blue crab beignets and the meal just went up from there…the brussel sprouts were divine!

Everything wrapped up with a wonderful Sabbath full of spiritual food (I found Rob’s sermon to be particularly beautiful) and good rest.

There was a beautiful mix of fog and pink skies this morning when I took the puppies out. A quick phone picture is all I captured but I think I may need to keep my camera handy tomorrow for a real picture.

There is so much to be thankful for and I’m looking forward to whatever this week holds. Everything is not always rainbows and butterflies I know. Last week was mixed with deep sorrow over the loss of a faithful minister and friend of Rob’s who passed away suddenly. There were text conversations with friends that I miss seeing regularly. But God shows Himself so faithful even in the midst of those things and then the extra portion of grace given in such sweet good things can only cause me to either weep with joy or sing His praise.

It seems like a good place to begin a Monday, don’t you think?

I almost forgot the macro picture! I’m not calling it macro Monday every week but right now it is a fun departure from regular photography and I hope you enjoy seeing things up close and personal. I actually find taking macro pictures to be very relaxing and if I feel stressed or a bit chaotic it helps to take a moment to lean in and narrow my focus for a bit.

I think this last one was my favorite from the roses.


Happy Monday

What a great weekend! Beautiful weather, a wonderful double date on Friday night with some special friends to celebrate their anniversary, family time on Saturday and the opportunity to photograph an incredibly strong and precious preemie baby, and a Sabbath blessed with sweet worship and fellowship.

It was great, I tell ya!

In my previous post I mentioned the app I use while walking. It tracks my distance, calories used, and number of steps taken. Like any normal woman I have often wondered just how much distance I cover and how many steps I take on a typical day of grocery shopping in Walmart. So, on Saturday when Claire and I went to do our weekly shopping, I turned the app on as I went into the store. Yep, I walk almost two miles and take over four thousand steps. I knew that trip was a mini work out! And the app doesn’t even factor in the the constant lifting and picking up of items or the pushing of the weighted cart as I go along. I figure that can get filed under resistance training 🙂

The picture of the map of our actual trek around the store gave a us a good laugh too. Normally I go early on Saturday morning before it gets to crowded but we ended up going late afternoon when it was a little more hectic. Yes, I do have a list but you can still see where I had to back track a few times. Plus there are some people behind a buggy that makes you wish there was some kind of competency test you had to take before they allowed you to take one off by yourself.