About That Tiara

It was really nice getting such positive feedback on part one of my Four Seasons project. I almost ditched every picture from the Tea With Lady Winter session though because I was second guessing and questioning what in the world I had done. Not only was I trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone but I was breaking every white balance rule known to man while I did it. The pictures looked odd to me but at the same time it was because I hadn’t gone by the rules that I was (hopefully) able to create a sense of winter which is not so easy to do in Florida 🙂

One of the questions that I’ve been asked the most is whether I will do the other seasons anytime soon or wait and do them through out the year. The answer is that I will be doing this as a year long project and will wait until we are solidly in the midst of each season before I shoot the other girls. Even though our winter here in the south doesn’t come with snow it does have a different kind of light…it’s cooler (hence the jacked up white balance in Em’s pictures) than the warmer tones you get in the other seasons. It all has a lot to do with the position of the sun and the way light just works at different times of the year.

The other comment that came up a bunch was the crown Emily was wearing. And while her pictures were probably the hardest ones I’ll shoot in this project that tiara was absolutely the easiest thing in the world to make. I have a secret pinterest board (But of course!) for this project where I put ideas and I loved the look of that particular head piece when I saw it months ago.

Literally took her five minutes to put it together.

Maybe a little longer since the cats were vastly entertained and curious about the shiny pipe cleaners.

First, she took two piper cleaners and twisted the ends together forming a circle.

Once she had the base and rescued it back from Tom who pounced on the sparkle the minute she held it up for a picture…

She was able to start adding the taller parts using pipe cleaners cut to various sizes. All she had to do was simply twist the ends around the base. Easy peasy!

I want to give another shout out to my friend Jessica at Wake Up Make Up for doing Em’s make up. She saw the look I was going for and made it even better. And I love, love, love those frosty eyebrows! You should really go check out her blog…it’s not just about make up but also decorating and right now she has the cutest post up about her youngest son’s lumberjack birthday party.


DPP ~ Day 17

I’ve been on pinterest for several years now. I have accumulated over seven thousand pins and made over one hundred boards. Obviously I haven’t cooked every recipe or done every diy project that I’ve saved but I enjoy having it all organized and in one place. And sometimes I do cook a recipe or try a project and when it’s a success I do a little happy dance.

Tonight I was waltzing around the kitchen because the Christmas gifts for my kiddos teachers turned out so stinkin’ cute. I was sad to be finished making them because they were just so pretty and smelled so good that I wanted to keep making them.
Little cute jars and easy assembly and hopefully a gift idea that the teachers will all enjoy…it was a total win. The funny thing is that one of my more popular blog posts is a quickie version that I made and blogged a couple of years ago. I just never thought to bottle it up and gift it.
I  mashed this pin with this pin and came up with our version of the potpourri. The bagged one was really cute but I have a thing about glass jars and putting stuff in them and I love how they turned out.
(My printer is running low on ink so the only thing I didn’t like was how the tags printed…more pink and blue than red and green.)

With the mix of mulling spices, lemon and orange and that touch of rosemary I am not kidding when I tell you it smelled marvelous in my house when these were done. I even had stuff left over and will be simmering a pot on my stove tomorrow.

A Back to School Tea

A few weeks ago Emily hosted a tea for the 9th through 12th grade girls. I didn’t have to do much but talk through the planning stuff and then she pretty much handled everything else. She enlisted the other sophomore girls to help with the food after deciding on the menu, she wrote out all of the invitations, and figured out the decorations.

Originally she was thinking something along the lines of a vintage chic look with old books and paper flowers. But in the process of looking at proper table setting ideas we came up with an idea that changed the direction but she pulled it off beautifully.

Instead of using place cards to seat the girls in a way that would encourage the girls to mix and mingle she made them all a name plate. Since she would need to use Sharpie pens and they only come in certain colors she nixed the vintage look and the plates became a charger with a clear glass plate on top for eating. The girls each got to take their plate home with them as a gift.



She added some bright colored flowers to the table and kept things simple but quite lovely.

The idea for using Sharpies on plates is all over Pinterest but I’ve never seen anything like this. It took her a little over a week to make the plates which were 88 cents each from Walmart. The really fun thing to me is how adaptable this is. Can you imagine the holiday plates you could do? A bridal shower with monograms or using paper plates for a kid’s party with clear plastic plates on top? So fun!

This one sat on the front porch with a bouquet of flowers to welcome the girls.

Party Favors

That’s a rather enigmatic title isn’t it? But I really wasn’t sure what to call this post. Photo-shaped-like-those-sour-cream-thingies-candy-holder?

Bit of a mouthful isn’t it?

Call them what you will but I think these little things are so cute and pretty unique. They are also rather versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. The first time I made them it was for an end of the year class party. I had taken photos of each of the children in the class already for another project so it was easy to personalize them so that each student got one.

This time my daughter used them as her Christmas gift/favor for her classmates and we used a picture my other daughter took of her. I added the message and had them locally printed in 4×6 size.

Choose one short side of the photograph and run a stripe of hot glue down the edge. (I’m not a huge fan of hot glue but I’ve tried every other permanent tape on the market and none of them hold together.) Next fold the picture into a tube shape over lapping the edges so they’re glued together.

Run another stripe of glue along one side of the bottom of the tube. Press it together without creasing the picture to seal.

Drop some candy inside. We used a mix of miniature candy bars and kisses. Be careful not to add too many because you still need to seal the open end. I added about 4 pieces in each.

Going in the opposite direction of the bottom edge, add another stripe of hot glue to one side and press to seal shut. It’s important that you not seal both ends the same way as this is what gives the holder it’s shape.

And voil`a you have a cute little thingamajig!

Things to know, really only one thing that you need to keep in mind, is that hot glue is called hot glue for a reason. If you’re a seasoned crafter you probably already have a system for how to press and close off what you’re gluing but I still ended up with a small blister that hurt like all get out. Hold each gluing step for 10 seconds or so to ensure your bond is set before moving to the next step.

So, how adorable would these be as a favor for a wedding shower using a picture of the couple? Or a tummy picture for a baby shower? They’d also make great valentines too.

What do you think? How else could you use them?

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