Friday Favorites ~ Mr and Mrs Peterson

Whew, what a whirlwind week it has been! Emily and Hays came to visit last Friday and left on Monday in time for some dear friends to arrive from Florida and stay for a few days. Both visits were just so much fun and good for my soul. So that explains the lack of blogging this week but sense I finished up Brandon and Jillian’s wedding pictures yesterday I could not pass up sharing a few on a Friday Favorites post.

This wedding was beautiful. To be honest, when I heard the color scheme was going to be shades of pink I immediately thought soft and princessy but I should have known better for two reasons.

Firstly, the bride is the daughter of one of my oldest friends who has impeccable taste and she raised her girls to have the same. Secondly, the event was being coordinated by the ever so talented Soiree By AJ, also a friend and Em’s wedding coordinator.

If it was a wedding fit for a princess then it was more along the lines of Princess Kate and not a Disney character. It was elegant with just the right amount of glamor from touches of gold.

All of the girls had cute matching pajamas to wear while getting ready and they just looked lovely from start to finish. They also had a fantastic playlist going most of the morning too.

The guys don’t have nearly as much fun getting ready as the girls. Or do they? Somebody was having a good time.

The ceremony itself was beautiful and the singing joyful. I really had a hard time narrowing down some pictures because of the sweet way the groom was looking at his bride during the service. And have you ever seen a cuter ring bearer or flower girls?

Afterwards the party was awesome! There was dancing, dancing, and more dancing.

Brandon and Jillian, your family and friends celebrated you well and with much love and happiness. May the Lord bless your marriage as you establish your family and home in His name and for His glory.


Just The Thing

Today is July 3rd which means for most of us that tomorrow is all about family and friends, grilling burgers and hot dogs or any red meat, pool parties or beaching it. Shrieks of laughter, the smell of sun screen and bug repellent. Some of us will take our place in the crowd to ooooh and ahhhh over city fireworks and then we’ll join the crazy lines of traffic and slowly make our way home hoping to get in our beds before the next day starts. Some of us will decide it isn’t worth the hassle and we will delight and fascinate the neighborhood with loud kabooms and light up the sky from our drive way while children run around the yard with a flaming sparkling wand. The joy of celebrating independence day in America.

So while you are making the grocery list for tomorrow’s feasting go ahead and add this delicious corn salad. With the purple onion giving it a kick and the Fritos adding the perfect crunch it’s just the thing to pair with any cook out menu.  (There’s also a bonus snicker salad recipe so if you what a little more sweetness on the table you’re covered.)

Happy fourth of July, y’all! Stay safe and have fun.

The Wrong Way To Do A Gender Reveal

I love shooting for the same family over the years, capturing various major events in their lives like weddings and gender reveals, and newborn pictures.

It helps to have a strong lengthy bond with the family when you stick your foot in your mouth and accidentally tell the mama to be what sex the baby is before doing the actual reveal. And you do it in front of two friends that you’ve gloated to that you knew what the baby was and and they didn’t. Pride, indeed, goes before the fall. And man that landing is hard!

Thankfully the mama is one of the most laid back and gracious people I am blessed to be friends with so all was forgiven and much laughter was had. (Agh, you have no idea how mortified I was…I am, though!) But we still got some really sweet pictures of Daddy and big sister finding out so all’s well that ends well.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
the fruit of the womb a reward.
Psalm 127:3

It’s Her Birthday!

I thought having her become a teenager last year would be hardest but the truth is she kept growing and it hasn’t gotten any easier. And now she’s counting days and weeks and months to milestones that lay ahead of her.

Can I get my drivers book? I’ll be able to take the test next year.

Do you know I am going to be in high school next year?

It won’t be long and I’ll be able to fill in the blank.

My heart cries out for her to slow down and not be in such a rush! It will all happen far faster than what she thinks because just yesterday she was this fat round faced baby sitting in my arms and yet here I am, walking beside this tall slender beautiful girl.

She is growing into herself with a poise and confidence that astounds me.

She is gentle and kind and my goodness, does she love the babies. Some friends at church call her the baby whisperer because she will coax and cajole the babies right out of their mother’s arms and into her own.

She can make her way around the kitchen with ease. And, despite being one of my messiest children, has begun to display some great organizing skills.

She is like the butterfly just coming out of the cocoon. The woman she will be is unfolding before my eyes even if her wings have not fully opened yet. But I’ve no doubt that God is working His grace in her life and that she will soar in the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit that He holds so dear.

Happy birthday, Emily Grace! Remember, sweet girl, that who you practice to be now is setting a foundation for who you will be next year, and the year after that and so on. Live fully in this day, savor these moments, even as you look ahead. What comes next will be all the sweeter for the life you live for Him now.

He has told you, O man, what is good;
and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God?
~Micah 6:8