The Way We Do It



Sometimes things become a thing that ought not be a thing. And sometimes there are things that ought to be a thing that aren’t a thing. I think Halloween falls into the becoming a thing when it ought not be a thing category.


Our family has been all over the spectrum about this day. Seriously, I don’t think you could choose a position and we haven’t, at one point or other in time, held it. But several years ago we finally found our spot and planted a flag so to speak. Before I tell you about our particular way of dealing with this day let me share two things that I think are important to remember.

Firstly, there is no day that does not belong to the Creator of days. They all belong to Him and we are told to rejoice in the day that He has made so rejoice!

Secondly, we are told to do all that we do, everything, to the glory of God. Now some will shake their head and declare that you cannot glorify God by dressing up and pandhandling for candy. Maybe, maybe not?

But I do believe there is a way to rejoice on the day of October 31st and glorify God in it that does not involve turning off all of your lights and pretending to not be home.

We choose to practice hospitality. Big hospitality. We open our home up to family and friends and bid them feast on mac & cheese and hot dogs. And we open our yard up to the neighborhood. We pass out candy obviously, but we also have a tasty treat of chocolate dipped marshmallows and either hot chocolate or lemonade (because Florida) and water available for thirsty visitors. It is not unusual to have 25 or 30 people gathered on the street in front of our house at a time. And a lot of them comment about how they were hoping we’d be back at it again this year.

Has anyone ever become a Christ follower because they stopped at our house for a marshmallow and cup of hot cocoa? No. But that does not change the fact that they have been given refreshment in His name. That hospitality has been given with sincere hearts because we have tasted the goodness of His table and been offered eternal hospitality.

I think to celebrate or not is a matter of conscience and not of faith so my thought about this day is mark it or not as you feel comfortable doing and whichever position you take do so with a song of rejoicing on your lips displaying the glory of our King.

And you are always welcome to stop by our house for a marshmallow and a cup of hot cocoa.