More Macro on a Monday

How was your weekend? Mine actually had a head start with a visit from our Sarah with the added surprise of her bringing my mother to see me! It was a super quick visit with them coming in late Wednesday evening and leaving early Friday morning but it was still good for my soul to have both my girl and my mama here. After they left I had some time to drive around some of our backroads taking pictures. There is so much beauty in the landscape of Louisiana and I hope to share them later in the week so that family and friends in Florida can see more of where we live now.

A lovely dinner with a sweet young family from our church that evening, and a beautiful Saturday morning walking around some of downtown Lake Charles while Claire and her friends solved the CluedUpp murder mystery. This is the second time they’ve done the geo mystery game and it is always a lot of fun. The company does them all over the country and we actually gave two of them to people for Christmas, one that takes place in Pensacola and one in Monroe.

We are so grateful for the sweet friends Claire has found here!

This was followed by Claire’s first formal dance with the homeschool coop we belong to. She takes weekly dance lessons in Lake Charles so it’s fun to actually get to go somewhere and do the foxtrot and Virginia Reel.

Then Rob and I actually went on a date, something we realise we haven’t done since sometime like September? We went to a restaurant called Calla and oh boy! was the food delicious. We started the meal with blue crab beignets and the meal just went up from there…the brussel sprouts were divine!

Everything wrapped up with a wonderful Sabbath full of spiritual food (I found Rob’s sermon to be particularly beautiful) and good rest.

There was a beautiful mix of fog and pink skies this morning when I took the puppies out. A quick phone picture is all I captured but I think I may need to keep my camera handy tomorrow for a real picture.

There is so much to be thankful for and I’m looking forward to whatever this week holds. Everything is not always rainbows and butterflies I know. Last week was mixed with deep sorrow over the loss of a faithful minister and friend of Rob’s who passed away suddenly. There were text conversations with friends that I miss seeing regularly. But God shows Himself so faithful even in the midst of those things and then the extra portion of grace given in such sweet good things can only cause me to either weep with joy or sing His praise.

It seems like a good place to begin a Monday, don’t you think?

I almost forgot the macro picture! I’m not calling it macro Monday every week but right now it is a fun departure from regular photography and I hope you enjoy seeing things up close and personal. I actually find taking macro pictures to be very relaxing and if I feel stressed or a bit chaotic it helps to take a moment to lean in and narrow my focus for a bit.

I think this last one was my favorite from the roses.


It’s All Good

I was having a bit of a rough minute this morning.

Rob has been out of town all week and I am ready for him to be home. I have a few things weighing on my mind and the pups were/are being a bit of a handful. To top it off my emotions seem to be a bit, shall we say, emotional?

All in all, I was feeling a tad sorry for myself but trying to buck up and give myself a pep talk. In the course of said pep talk I was reminding myself of Psalm 139 and encouraging myself to remember that God knows my frame; I’m fine. Everything is fine.

I sit at the dining room table in the morning to read my Bible and go over my prayer cards. I refreshed my cup of coffee and sat down deciding to read Psalm 139 in full.

I literally laughed out loud as I read verses 11 & 12 because in that exact moment the sun rose just enough above the trees to flood my table with its glow.

“If I say, “Surely the darkness shall cover me, and the light about me be night, even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for darkness is as light with you.”

Such a funny and sweet reminder from Him not to let myself get overwhelmed. As if He wore glasses He’d be looking over the top of them saying, “You’re fine.”

And it’s true.

It’s all good.

What’s Happening Now

Ah, the first Monday of the new year. Always ripe with possibility and promise.

I love the wide open potential that buzzes in the air this time of year but I also like what happens when I look back at the past year. I am particularly amazed and humbled by all that God has done in the last twelve months. If you had told me this time last year that our family would be moving to Louisiana I probably would have snorted with disbelief.

But God has a way of surprising us, doesn’t He? I had no idea the challenges and struggles we would face, nor the beautiful ways He would show Himself faithful and kind beyond measure.

So much change. So much shifting and shaping, conforming us to the image of His Son. I look back at what He has done and look forward at what He will do and I just marvel.

One thing I came to realize over the weekend is that while we are happy and settling in here in our new home I have been waiting for things to click into place and feel normal. But a major move around the holidays, and getting not one but two puppies, doesn’t really lend itself to feeling normal so there has still been this sense of fluctuating to our days. Our place here feels comfortable so I wouldn’t say I’ve been floundering through my days. More like a joyous doggie paddle though and I am ready to feel the routine of structure.

As I was contemplating this the other day I thought of something important. In the past, any changes that came our way, even significant ones, upset the routine to varying degrees but there were key components that the upset happened within. The framework of our established life if you will, our church and community and school, all acted as a sort of buffer that the change bounced around in until it settled in its place.

I have been assuming things would just settle but the framework is completely different and to a certain extent needs to be rebuilt as we develop and grow relationships here. Although Abby and Claire are both finding their place in some ways I feel like we are in a temporary mode…with the wedding in a few months there is an unsettled feeling with regards to Emily. She has felt almost homeless I think driving back and forth from here and Monroe. And Sam is doing great but we are looking forward to finding him work and purpose outside of the house now that the holidays are over.

Even though we are putting roots down I know there are still changes to come and honesty I am excited about them even if they are as yet unknown. How could I not be with such a testimony of God’s goodness and mercy in the last year standing at my back?

Like tons of other people across the globe I am taking advantage of the new year to make some conscientious changes to my health and well being. Knowing I will need to be on the wrong side of the camera that I am less comfortable with in three short months for wedding pictures has a way of motivating me 🙂 Changes to my diet and a family membership to our local parks and rec center are definitely helping with that.

I was recently asked about what my plans are for my photography here and honestly I have no idea. I’m basically just going with the flow and seeing what develops. (See what I did there? That is high photographer humor right there is what that is.) My love did get me a mini drone for Christmas and I am super excited about using it! There is a bit of a learning curve since I am not naturally inclined toward technology and I am well, to put it kindly, directionally challenged.

You might also have noticed some changes here on the blog and hopefully there will be more to come. One plan that I do have is to spend more time here and so I think an overhaul will happen. I think my photography site will probably just migrate over here too but I haven’t decided about the recipe blog even though I don’t post there often. It would make sense to have them all back in one place and truthfully the reason I have a hard time giving up the food blog as a separate thing is simply because of the name I came up with. Which really is a silly reason if I am not actually going to be blogging recipes regularly. If I can get this one set up the way I like then more than likely it will all come under this site though.

In summary, I am looking forward to all that God has in store in the year ahead. I know there will be hard things as well as good things, severe mercies mixed with gentle ones, but if I learned nothing else in the last few years I have learned to lean into what He is doing with all my might.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.
Be not wise in your own eyes;
fear the LORD, and turn away from evil.
It will be healing to your flesh
and refreshment to your bones.

Proverbs 3: 5-8

Still Taking Pictures

To say I am a wee bit behind in my 365 project is a major understatement.

Here’s the thing though, I decided a few years back to put my camera down and for two years I rarely picked it up. I had lost the joy of doing the thing that I loved and it had become a burden, something I had to work at. When I decided to get behind the camera again I did it with the full knowledge and acceptance that it was perfectly fine to set it down again. I wasn’t obligated to always be taking pictures.

The last several months have seen a lot of change come into my world, the last month even more. I had been enjoying the 365 project but it was getting harder to make it work without it becoming work. I decided to not let some self assigned task suck the enjoyment out of a creative outlet that was there for my pleasure, at times my refuge.

So, I quit the 365. I’m still taking pictures. Lots of them actually. But I have decided not to harass myself to get a shot every day.

Harass myself about eating healthier? You bet.

Staying consistent with the Bible Reading Challenge? Absolutely! (Same Page Summer 2021…you should join! Woman literally from all over the world reading the same passages everyday feasting on the Word. Now that is a task that I need to stick with.)

This is definitely a season of change in my life and honestly I don’t know what life will look three months from now. For one thing we are a homeschooling family again. And you know what? I am kind of excited about that. Claire is fourteen so obviously my experience homeschooling before when the kids were little is different from what it will be now but I think we are both looking forward to it.

For now, I am just going to slow down and see what God is doing and move accordingly in that direction. Still clicking that shutter and delighting in capturing pieces of life and God’s creation but also eager to see what new things are ahead.

And I am prayerfully considering what that means for this space, this place where I talk out loud and work my way through thoughts and ideas. I want to hone back in on the thought that was behind it in the beginning, the reason for creating a common place:

To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common–this is my symphony.~William Henry Channing

This is the life, hidden within being faithful to the One who calls us out, that I want to dwell in.

If bad company corrupts then good company can make us flourish and I welcome you to come along with me. Let’s seek the beauty of the common place in fellowship with one another.


Do you ever feel like no one is really listening to you?

Maybe it’s your kids.

Or just people in general, like you’re talking but nobody is hearing what you’re saying?

I think it is a normal thing to feel this way sometimes in our lives but the other day it went next level on me.

I said, “Hey Siri, call Emmy Grace.”

I kid you not, she literally said, “Hang on a sec.”


My phone was not even listening to me.

Completely unrelated to that story but keeping up with the Throwback Thursday posts…this definitely goes way back. I cannot even remember when I took this of my son and the son of a friend, both named Sam. I just know that I thought I was hilarious for tagging the photo I and II Samuel. Still kind of makes me giggle.






The Way We Do It



Sometimes things become a thing that ought not be a thing. And sometimes there are things that ought to be a thing that aren’t a thing. I think Halloween falls into the becoming a thing when it ought not be a thing category.


Our family has been all over the spectrum about this day. Seriously, I don’t think you could choose a position and we haven’t, at one point or other in time, held it. But several years ago we finally found our spot and planted a flag so to speak. Before I tell you about our particular way of dealing with this day let me share two things that I think are important to remember.

Firstly, there is no day that does not belong to the Creator of days. They all belong to Him and we are told to rejoice in the day that He has made so rejoice!

Secondly, we are told to do all that we do, everything, to the glory of God. Now some will shake their head and declare that you cannot glorify God by dressing up and pandhandling for candy. Maybe, maybe not?

But I do believe there is a way to rejoice on the day of October 31st and glorify God in it that does not involve turning off all of your lights and pretending to not be home.

We choose to practice hospitality. Big hospitality. We open our home up to family and friends and bid them feast on mac & cheese and hot dogs. And we open our yard up to the neighborhood. We pass out candy obviously, but we also have a tasty treat of chocolate dipped marshmallows and either hot chocolate or lemonade (because Florida) and water available for thirsty visitors. It is not unusual to have 25 or 30 people gathered on the street in front of our house at a time. And a lot of them comment about how they were hoping we’d be back at it again this year.

Has anyone ever become a Christ follower because they stopped at our house for a marshmallow and cup of hot cocoa? No. But that does not change the fact that they have been given refreshment in His name. That hospitality has been given with sincere hearts because we have tasted the goodness of His table and been offered eternal hospitality.

I think to celebrate or not is a matter of conscience and not of faith so my thought about this day is mark it or not as you feel comfortable doing and whichever position you take do so with a song of rejoicing on your lips displaying the glory of our King.

And you are always welcome to stop by our house for a marshmallow and a cup of hot cocoa.


Well That Was Easy And Doing Things Again

I have been blogging off and on for many many years. The blog before this one is the first one that I got really serious about and paid for the domain name and everything. It was for a season of my life though and when I took my two year hiatus I closed it down so it was no longer visible to people. When I wanted to start blogging again I created this blog but under a different name and I think I posted about 15 times in 2018. So, when I wanted to start blogging again again I wanted this to be my home…my online space.

What to do with the old blog? The one with hundreds of posts, some of which I am pretty fond of, hundreds of recipes, and pictures galore. I didn’t know so it has just been sitting there all tucked away. Until this morning. With the click of a button over 6000 posts, pages, and pictures were backed up to my computer and then magically exported here, to this place.

That’s right. If you are curious about what the children were up to in 2012 or what I was thinking about in 2014 all you have to do is click on the little archive button to the right, select the year and the month and bam! there it is in all my incorrect grammatical glory.  It’s a bit daunting like suddenly finding your old diaries in a box of old pictures. A wee bit embarrassing but full of bits and pieces of my life and lots of nostalgia.

Now, I guess I just keep going with this new place and it’s two extra rooms. I like the feel of all three spaces and I think I will keep She Feeds Her Family for all things food related as it’s own place. But that third room? Just A Glimpse may get a bit of an upgrade because I am going to start taking pictures again. Seriously, as an actual structured business.

I got started in photography because I loved it and also because I couldn’t afford the prices of real photographers. I wanted to take good pictures of my kids. I wanted to create something. I got good enough that people started asking me to take their pictures. And they were willing to pay me something for it. But I applied what I could and could not afford to the process of charging and it wasn’t long before I was plenty busy with not much to show for it except time spent away from my family and stress.

It happened over time though and I wasn’t even aware of how much joy in actual picture taking I had lost until one day I was editing a bunch of pictures with a bunch more to be edited ahead of me and I realized I just wanted to be done. I just didn’t care. So I finished up the projects I had and then set my camera down.

IMG_0015 (1)For almost two years I rarely picked up the camera and this was a big deal. For fifteen years it was a rare day that I didn’t pick up my camera and shoot something. Fifteen years to nothing.

And I haven’t regretted it at all. It was good for me.

Lately things have started shifting again. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a few things and the love for photography has been stirring. But the time off has helped me learn some things. I am blessed in that my life is not dependent upon that income but it does make a contribution and at this point in our lives photography is a low impact way to supplement things.

However, what I learned from before is it is okay to let money be a part of it.  I can take what I love doing and what I am good at and let it be more than a hobby or a little side hustle. To that end I have been doing some research and I will be pricing my services competitively for our area and that means I will not be as cheap as I was before. And I am going to not feel bad about that. Well, I am working on not feeling bad or apologetic about that. Because I really do want you to have beautiful pictures of the people in your life that matter to you or a lovely reminder of a beautiful and special event in your life and I love being part of that. But I don’t want that desire for you to eat me alive like it did before.

I am getting good with realizing I do not have to shoot everything and everyone no matter how much I might love the people involved. But here is the other part of that. I’m not going to feel bad about charging a fair price for my time and skill and if you think it is more than you want to invest in pictures I’m not going to be mad at you. It’s okay for you to say no thank you too. Seriously.

Honestly, I have this fear that this venture is going to fall flat on its face, that I’m going to fall flat on my face. What if no one hires me? What if I am putting this effort into putting myself out there and nothing happens?

Well, I just have to be okay with that, don’t I? Because what I am learning, what I have learned as I stepped into the blog world again and now into photography, is that life cannot be lived mired in fear. I don’t want to live afraid to try things or do things I enjoy and love because I’m afraid of it not working out. Or worse, actually working out and now being responsible for something.

The way I see it my task is to keep my priorities straight, be wise about what I am doing, and do it to the glory of the One who gives me life and let Him bless it as He sees fit.

Practically speaking I still have some things to do like settle on a business name, solidify my pricing structure, overhaul that online space, and get back into the groove of shooting again, etc. To that last point I am going to be doing some Christmas mini sessions next month so watch for more information about that.

But also, pray for me. I want to do this and do it well and sometimes that is not easy because things can loom large or stuff begins to get busy and I can get panicky. Above all, I want to go forward being mindful of what is truly important, the people I love and the community I am a part of and knowing that these are just things I do but not who I am. I want to joyfully and fully image forth the Creator by living creatively.

And I would love to have you join me in this adventure.




I Did It

After almost two years I am back on Facebook.  It went away when I took a blogging hiatus. I picked up the blogging again a few months ago but didn’t think about going back to FB until after about a gazillion “Hey, did you see…Oh, never mind, you aren’t on facebook” conversations with my mother and sisters this weekend. I figured I better get back in the game so I can keep up with them. Apparently, I have been missing stuff.

The blog did play a part in the decision making too though. My little sister, along with a few other people, have mentioned how cumbersome it has been trying to see the blog through the Instagram posts. I guess it hasn’t been a good platform for that kind of thing and honestly it is a pain to post a link there so we’ll see if this makes it any easier for all of us.

It’s been kinda funny how many texts I received asking if the friend request was really from me. It’s a combination of my lack of online presence and some hacking activity I guess.

I’m happy to be keeping up with people but I am going to keep a tight circle I think. I don’t seem to struggle too much with wasting time on things like FB, Insta, and Pinterest. Okay, maybe occasionally some time is wasted on Pinterest but I figure if I actually make a recipe it’s okay to look at four or five, right? Or some early birthday and Christmas reconnaissance is okay. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

We had a great long weekend. Rob and I actually went on a sushi date Friday night. It was kinda funny and really sweet because Abby and Claire were super excited to help me get ready. Abby did my hair and makeup and Claire chose my shoes and bracelets. We had a lovely time and it was really nice to get out alone together. It had been a hot minute.

It was a total bummer that one of my sisters didn’t get to come in for the weekend while the youngest sister, and the one who lives furtherest away, was here. Talk about a hot minute since we were all together! I’m looking forward to the day when my girls are plotting and planning how to get together when they’re grown and have their own families. It is such a precious time with my sisters any time we can make it happen.


We still had a nice time at the beach and it was beautiful. It’s odd how something so destructive in one place can enhance the beauty of another place at the same time. I’m sure there is a spiritual lesson to ponder in there somewhere that needs teasing out.

5399090789_0af11a00d7_oSunday was as much of a feast and celebration as we anticipated.  And Monday was full of friends and grilled food. Oh, and a pretty delicious dessert. I will be sharing two versions of the recipe on She Feeds Her Family tomorrow. Opinions were pretty evenly split as to whether the chocolate cherry was better than the snickerdoodle caramel apple.

The girls are back in school full time now and we’ve already had to phone a friend about homework because a math book was left in someone’s locker. Starting off with a bang, aren’t we? (This morning’s update: Y’all, I went to bed at 8:30 last night and slept until my normal wake up time! I reckon the first day of school wore me out 😉)

I think we have a cross country race on Saturday and I feel sure that I am forgetting stuff that I really ought to be remembering for the rest of the week. I am sure it will come to me…

Hopefully before I am supposed to be somewhere!

Did you have a good long weekend?


Bits and Pieces

I realized that I had forgotten to give an update on the camera lens situation from last week’s post. Remember I mentioned the camera was dropped and the lens broken? Well later that same week I was doing some serious cleaning and purging in my closet when I found a box with a brand new never been used unopened 50mm lens!

Crazy, right? The only thing we can figure is that it must have come in a package deal when I upgraded my camera and because I had one I tucked that one away and forgot about it. Which made for a really great surprise and some dry chicken for last night’s dinner because a new lens has such sharp clear focus that I got carried away taking pictures of some flowers. Actually, it was taking pictures of the radishes inside when I started cooking that caused me to forget about the chicken on the stove.  But just wait until you see the pictures…so pretty! Some of them will make there way to Just a Glimpse next week

In other news (and I just realized I am not going to come off well in this story either but that’s just me keeping it real) I made my bed at 5:40 in the afternoon the other day. But I had to do it. I try to make my bed every day but Sunday only Monday got away from me like a greased pig being chased by a bunch of kids at a county fair and on Tuesday I decided to wash my sheets. There is just something next level wonderful about sliding in between freshly laundered sheets, isn’t there? I was determined to have the full experience so I made my bed that late. Totally worth it.

71824FEE-A6EC-465D-B62C-192761826678Yesterday Sam and I made a trip to the library near our house. I told y’all there would probably be pictures. We actually only took a selfie when we reached the library. Wait, did I mention that we actually walked there because he needs a new tire for his bike? Yeah, and it is three miles not two. And that is important to know because with the heat index it was 106 degrees, people. To say I was a hot mess is an understatement. And I mean it like it really sounds and not like the skinny chick in yoga pants who took twenty minutes to make her messy bun look perfect means it. I didn’t ask Sam to leave most of me out of the picture but you can thank him because, seriously.

Things I heard on the walk there:

“I can’t believe I am saying this but I am dying” and “I need a bike. And for it to be autumn”.

I gave him the option to head back home after mile two but he wanted to push ahead so we did. He did go through a list of people we could call to have come pick us up, from his sister on through to one of the deacons in our church.

We passed by a large cotton field and I snapped a couple of pictures of the plants that are already flowering. Did you know that the flower blooms as a yellow/white color but after it self pollinates it turns pink and after a few days will turn a bright fuchsia. Fascinating, isn’t it? I was also surprised to learn that the cotton plant is actually a member of the hibiscus family. Who knew?

Anyway, we did end up calling Rob to come get us from the library but I promise it was only because I needed to get home and get to cooking for some sweet friends that have a newborn.

Which brings me to my last bit and piece…I made homemade buttermilk biscuits (leaving myself plenty of time to go buy a can of Pillsbury to pop open if need be). The last time I tried that I over worked the dough and they tasted dry as dirt and crumbled like a handful of dirt too. This batch won’t win any awards for presentation but they tasted light and yummy. I’m counting on the “made from the heart” vibe to trump the “how they look” vibe. I’m thinking I didn’t handle them enough this go round because the problem was they didn’t rise.


Plans for the weekend? Why, yes we do. Lots of them actually. Rob and I are doing a nine and dine thing with friends tonight. What’s that you ask? You golf nine holes and then eat dinner. I think it will be fun. Or at least amusing to watch since my golf experience is limited to the putt putt goofy golf kind.

Saturday morning is a baby shower for a soon to be mama at church and in the evening it is nursing home singing and then fellowship time.  That’s always a tough one for me. I’m not super comfortable around old people but they love hearing us sing and they’re so delighted to see us each month, especially the children. I never regret going. I just have to talk myself into each time. (I am leaving this in although when proofing it I could see how dumb it sounds. It is a good thing to do, end of story. No talking myself into it and no complaining about doing it. It brings  some happy to some people who could surely use a little and I have the blessing of singing the Psalms of my God with some of my people.)

So what about you? Busy or relaxing weekend ahead? Whatever it is I hope you find reason to rejoice over the good within it.

Have a great one!

Getting Ready For What Comes Next

I cannot believe that our summer is almost over but we’ve flipped the calendar to August and it’s hard to ignore. It’s time to start looking at school supply lists (I have friends that I know just read that sentence and they’re like, “Start? What do you mean start? We’ve got our stuff labeled and ready to go!” What can I say? I procrastinate sometimes.)

I enjoy our summers with the kids all home and the break from the school routine and I have never been one of those mamas singing hallelujahs and counting down days until they go back. But I do love this time of year. It rings with promise and newness to me just as surely as January 1st or springtime does. I guess I have a thing about beginnings and possibilities.

At the same time it can be easy to look at what all is coming up with cross country meets and volleyball games and what have you and feel a bit panicked. The possibilities are a-plenty to feel overwhelmed and worn out so here are some things I want to keep in mind as we get ready for school to begin at the end of the month and all the challenges that it brings.

1.) Change is good.

This is a doozy for me! Rob has said more than once that we often view change as death. And most of us resist that death, that change, because we like living the way we live. But we are a people called to death because we are a people of the Resurrection and we know that true life comes from the dying. This time of year will afford many opportunities for me to die to myself for the good of those around me…even if it is just keeping a good and pleasant attitude.

2.) Hard does not mean bad.

Having to work hard for some thing makes our appreciation that much greater. Hard means can often bring us to a good end if we will just stay the course. Hard circumstances have a place in God’s working in our lives…suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope. And even more, that hope does not put us to shame.

This one is big in my thoughts as Abby heads into her junior year (traditionally herald as the hardest year at Trinitas) and enters into cross country season. Running doesn’t come easily to her and we were surprised when she asked to join. Surprised but proud that she wants to attempt something that will require hard effort from her. We don’t care if she ever places in a race or not. Giving her best and striving to improve are fantastic goals for all of us.

3.) Busy shouldn’t always be a complaint.

Obviously, too much busy can be bad. And busy for the wrong reasons can be bad. Sometimes, we like the busy because it’s where we get our identity from…how we define ourselves. Or it’s a shield we hide behind so we don’t have to deal with something or think about something. Sometimes we keep busy just so we have something to complain about.

I have a friend who is an accomplished pianists and one morning I was sitting beside her while she played this beautiful piece of music. I mentioned how busy the page looked with all the musical notes and sweeping lines and other notations. She said she never chooses a piece that isn’t busy because it makes for a more interesting listen.


Wrongly ordered busyness in our lives makes for a cacophony of sound with out of place rests and clanging cymbals of aggravation. But rightly ordered busyness creates a symphony of praise as it is worked out in the day to day doing.

For sure, if we are living the wrong kind of busy and if we allow the wrong kind of hard into our lives (the kind that is a result of our own selfish desires and demands) and the wrong kind of change into our lives (the kind that stems from never being content or just old and set in our ways) then our song follows the tune of the world.

But if we are being and doing faithfully all that He has given us to be and do then our song can be that of Psalm 98,

“Oh sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things!”

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