Wait, It’s Friday Already?

Where did the week go? I know there were volleyball games and cross country practices and chiropractor appointments. Laundry and grocery shopping and all manner of stuff.

Yesterday was orientation for the girls. There are lots of things I really love about our school. One of which is that we do a half day orientation the last Thursday of the month and then enjoy a nice long Labor Day weekend before starting school on Tuesday. It’s just a nice way to ease into the school year.


Wednesday night as were sending the girls off to bed Rob mentions to Claire, “Hey, next year you will be in high school.”  I punched him in the arm. I mean, why would you bring that up? I am going to focus on my junior and 8th grader. I don’t need to be thinking about next year’s senior and freshman!

What else? Oh, I am looking forward to church Sunday! We are installing new deacons, adding some new members, and baptizing at least one, but quite possibly two, new babies. Such a fun day of worship and celebration! Normally we are sharing meals in each other’s homes on the first Sunday but this week we are going to stay at the church. I’m thinking I need to put some extra thought into what I would like to bring. Truly make it a feast.

Going back to school always starts me thinking about upcoming holidays and such. We celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas and it takes some planning. You will probably see a repost soon about how we do Christmas because I have actually had a few people start asking about it. Just a public service announcement along those lines…all the discounted school supplies can make for great stocking stuffers. My girls loooove all the colored Sharpies, gel pens, and fun post it notes.

My little sister is in town with a friend and that means I get to spend some time with my Mother and all three sisters…gotta love that!

There is a second post of those lovely curcuma flowers over at Just A Glimpse you should go check out. One of my favorite ways to shoot flowers is very up close and abstract-ish.

And lastly, for a Friday favorite I wanted to show you my one of my favorite vases. I think I got it at World Market maybe? It’s just such a fun little piece and when I had to get rid of a dying bouquet this week I realized we could still enjoy the daisies.


Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!


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