Friday Favorites Target Edition

So, I enjoy shopping to a certain extent but I am not one of those store or brand specific fangirls always gushing about the latest thing at Target or TJ Maxx or wherever. However, this week I came across a few things spending time with one of my girls and browsing at Target (one of her favorite stores) and decided I would share them here.

This first thing is the only one I actually bought. The others are just wouldn’t-that-be-nice-to-have kinds of things.

I am always looking for good kitchen towels. I use them a lot plus I am a very tactile person so a good kitchen towel is, well good. I was pretty sure these had a good feel to them and seemed like they would be absorbent but I have learned my lesson in the past so I only bought one to try it out. Loved it enough that I went back the next day for another one.

First, they’re huge which my soul doth love. So does my son. He actually commented on it when he was drying dishes after dinner. Second, they have some nice color accents but no obnoxious pattern. And third, they dry things wonderfully. In a nutshell, I give you the perfect kitchen towel.

IMG-0822 (1)

Like I said, I don’t go much for specific brands. Mostly because I want to like something based on the merit of the thing itself and not just the name attached to it. However, there is a reason that Target partnered with Chip and Joanna Gaines. The stuff is really really lovely. Whether I get anything else from them it is just a delight to browse their collection and see what they are doing.

Something else of the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia I enjoyed were some of their candles. I love the look and most of the smells were marvelous. What I didn’t love? The price tag. As pretty as they are at $15 a pop I probably won’t buy them. (I do realize they are less expensive than gold standard Yankee Candles but I don’t buy those either.And these smell way better than the Yankee in my opinion.) If I was going to spend that kind of money on something that I will literally burn up it would be these though, for sure.

When I finally stopped handling the towels and sniffing the candles and moved into the general kitchen section I found a couple of other things I liked. I was actually looking for a table runner but the one I liked was a little more than I was willing to spend on an impulse buy.

(Side note: my husband loves my shopping habits. I will go in and wander and look and pick up and set down without buying much, if anything at all. I have a friend who calls me an unshopper. I guess I just have to be in the right mood to actually spend money unless I really need it or want it.)

IMG-0805 (1)I like pineapples though and how cute are these salt and pepper shakers?

I hesitate to use the word “collect” because then somehow I will end up with 457 pineapples but I do have a few pineapple things already. A couple of white ceramic ones in my kitchen and a key chain. And t-shirt. Okay, I borrow my daughter’s pineapple earrings occasionally too. Oh, goodness I also have a cute tunic dress with a pineapple pattern on it. Maybe I have a problem already and just didn’t realize it.

IMG-0807 (1)


So as not to go overboard with pineapple stuff (more than I apparently have already) I also found a line of glass and wood kitchen items that I really liked. How fun is this pitcher? Perfect for orange juice or the lemoncello vodka collins I shared last week on She Feeds Her Family.

What I haven’t found? Napkins. Cloth napkins to be specific. I mean I can find them but not the right texture. And by right texture I mean ones that my love will like.

I guess I will just have to keep wandering and browsing and unshopping until I do find some 🙂








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