DPP ~ Day 10

There is just something about the popcorn and cranberry garland that makes me happy. Since the girls have made it twice now I’m calling it a tradition.


DPP ~ Days 5-9

All the pictures were taken and posted on Instagram on their respective days but I am doing more of a weekend wrap up here.

Day ~ 5 Hark the herald angels sing!

Day ~ 6  Actually a photo taken by my son after he finished decorating the tree. The girls made a popcorn and cranberry garland but gave up trying to decorate the tree with Sam…he gets a wee bit excited and just sort of throws stuff on there with no rhyme or reason 🙂

Day 7 ~ A pretty accurate representation of life at that moment. Nasty head cold, comfy bed and Pinterest or Netflix.  Not terribly creative but all I could muster.

Day 8 ~ My happy place. This is the bookshelf at the end of the couch in our room and for some reason it makes me happy whenever I see it. I just want to sit in its peaceful little corner and read or visit with my fella.

Day 9 ~ So, this photo just tickles me. This little guy has visited three times this week. And today I had a fantastic zoom lens on hand and was able to capture a fairly decent picture of him. He’s a redshoulder hawk and very entertaining to watch.

So far no days missed in the December Photo Project! We’ll see how the rest of the month goes.