About The Glads

I love flowers. Any kind, including the weedy ones. Whether I get them from the store, a florist shop, the hands of children, or friends. I like having them in our home because they add so much cheer and beauty.

Recently some friends were over for  dinner and they gifted me a lovely pink gladioli grown in their own yard. We’ve been enjoying it for well over a week now but since I know it won’t live forever I took a few minutes the other day and photographed it. In the midst of a crazy photography season it was a sweet respite from editing. I did a few of the pictures using the reverse lens macro and they are rather delicate looking abstracts.

I wanted to know a little bit more about the flower itself so I looked it up. I learned that it is actually native to south Africa and it’s name is derived from the Latin word for sword and literally means “little sword”.  Because of this it often symbolizes strength. It is also an extremely feminine looking flower with it’s delicate, sometimes ruffled, petals.

I think because of the close connection between beauty and strength it will symbolize the virtuous woman for me.

Originally there were only seven varieties but now there are over 10,000 cultivated kinds in just about any color you can think of.  They can range in size from two to five feet.

Whether growing in a garden or gracing a vase they are quite lovely, aren’t they?


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