Where There Are No Oxen

Thursdays have become something of a refuge for me.

The three older kids have running practice and a sweet friend keeps Claire until it’s over.

And that, my friends, means that I don’t have to pick anyone up until 5:15 in the afternoon.

That is glorious is what that is.

Today was particularly productive. I got a ton of work done on a project I am helping the kindergarten class with and I mopped my floors.

Glorious, I tell ya.

I passed Rob coming home as I was going to pick up the kids and thrilled at the idea he was going to get home before all of us.

Before backpacks exploded on the kitchen table and in the living room.

Before there were landmines of sneakers and socks.

Before lunch boxes were haphazardly taken care of.

Before step stools were pulled out to block the pathway so that the whiteboard could be used for chronological order studying.

Before something got dropped or spilled on the newly cleaned floor as starving children descended as if they had not eaten in, oh, I don’t know, forever.

In short, he was going to walk into a quiet, peaceful home before our very own level four hurricane made land fall.

I was excited because he usually doesn’t get to see the fruit of my labor when it is at it’s stellar best. It’s usually visible under the aforementioned piles of child produced shrapnel.

And even though I was excited I remembered Proverbs 14:4 and chose to also be thrilled at the noise of my kids talking about boni libris and common place quotes as I scooted around the step stool, tidied up the kitchen from dinner and tripped over back packs and sneakers.

Life may be messy with the our level four hurricanes in residence but I wouldn’t trade it for a clean manger.

At least not for long anyway.

PS If anyone has a large cabinet that they no longer need and/or want and it would fit right there in that spot under our television just let us know! We’ve been looking for months and haven’t found one yet!

PPS Sarah still lives at home and does bump the hurricane category up to a level five with her college stuff but she is house sitting for some people so she isn’t pictured here. She’s doing it all week. My apology to my friends who have had children move away but I imagine this is a glimpse into how life will seem when she does move away and can I just say that I am not much of a fan of not seeing one of my kids everyday?


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