The One I Didn’t Choose

Whenever I am shooting something, either people or things, I take a lot of pictures. I’ll move around, closer or further back, from up high or a little lower. I’m working to see different perspectives and to find the right angle that reveals what I want to show or tells the story line I want to be heard.

Consequently I will end up with a bunch of images that don’t always reach the light of day so to speak. But sometimes the decision between one image or another is nothing more than which one strikes me the most and it can be so close that I end up choosing one over the other in an almost random dart throwing kind of way.

Why am I saying all this? Because last week I was doing the theme for a 52 week project I am part of and I’m happy with the option I posted to the fb group but I still love the one I didn’t choose. So I’m choosing to share it here.

Because, for me there is just something about it…the way a stem of the blooms is peeking from behind the banister and the little hint of the turquoise blue sky barely seen in the corner.


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