The First Week of January

The sun set on the evening of the first day of the new year and a beautiful sun set it was.  I liked that it wasn’t gloriously vibrant and spectacular. Sometimes we’re looking for that…for the BIG amazing moment. But for the start of the new year I liked that it was calm and sure of it’s promise that day’s end had arrived.

Pensacola, Pace/Milton, causeway, Hwy 90

The second day of the week found the Christmas tree untrimmed and out in the yard. Normally I leave it up until our 12 th day of Christmas but this year the new additions to our home were very exuberant in their enjoyment of the holiday bling. I gave up keeping bulbs on the bottom half of the tree but drew the line at restringing lights every day. Tom was quite curious as to where the tree went.

One of the things I love about our 12 days celebration is the traditions that have developed. One other family has joined us in celebrating Christmas this way so one of the days is spent together. We didn’t intend for it to be the same activity each year but that’s the way it’s worked out…dinner and a hockey game. Although I’m not sure our team appreciates the custom since they’ve lost the game both years. Coincidence?

Even though the tree had come down we still had other decorations out. I love the warmth and outdoorsiness of our decorations. I used to try a different theme in my decorating each year but now it’s settled into basically the same kind of thing with some minor tweaks each year.

The fifth day was hard. We were slipping back into our old routine of going to school and on top of that, Rob was leaving to go out of town for the week. Hats off to military families and women who deal without their spouses for long extended periods of time. I hate being apart from him. But this is a good annual conference that he really enjoys and it gives him the opportunity to spend some time visiting and learning from another pastor in ways that he normally wouldn’t.

The sixth day was fun! I am experimenting with some new ways with my photography and wanted to practice so Sarah agreed to be my subject and we spent some time with my Mother at the downtown library taking pictures. Man that place was busy! We ended up spending most of our time in the kids section which wasn’t nearly as crowded.

The year of the selfie…not! For me anyway but the kids will randomly grab my phone and take pictures of themselves alone or with each other. I never know what I am going to find. Which pretty much sums up the year ahead.

There were lots of unexpected things in 2014, some easy and then some not so much. But all good because they came from the hand of our Father. So even though I don’t know what lies ahead I trust that it will all be for His glory and our good.

Happy 2015!


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