DPP ~ Weekend Catch Up

This is pretty much how it goes each year for the December photo project; most of the Monday’s find me sharing a double catch up post. I count it good that I still take the images on each day 🙂

Saturday wasn’t very eventful around here but it also didn’t see me putting up decorations like I had hoped. And I had planned to attack the mountain of laundry we create on a daily basis (and having missed doing any wash on Friday meant that it was a pretty significant mound) but the door of washing machine broke and will not stay latched. With a front loader this can be a problem. So I spent some time here:

DPP 2014 Day 6 Day 7

It only took me about half an hour each time and as you can see I kept myself entertained. To Kill A Mockingbird is one of  my all time favorite books. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

Sunday was a lovely day of worship and eating with friends afterwards. I didn’t get to stay and visit for long because I met up with some other sweet people to take some pictures. Then I finished up the day picking up a couple of Christmas presents. Lesson has been learned that when I see it I should buy it because what I originally wanted to get Sam is out of stock now. I found something I am pretty sure he will enjoy  even better I think though so it’s all good.

As was the beautiful sky as the sun set.

DPP 2014 Day 6 Day 7


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