DPP 2014 Wrap Up

The last two photos for the December Photo Project…feeling pretty proud that I didn’t miss a day. It was fun and I briefly considered starting a 365 project in the new year instead of my normal 52 weeks but I just don’t think so. For one thing, I’ve been pondering ideas for the weekly project and I am kind of attached to one and I want to do it. More about that next week. Secondly, I just don’t think I’d keep up with one a day and I  don’t want that kind of pressure in my life 🙂

However, since my beloved gave me the awesome lens kit for the iPhone I am sure there will be more photos happening. The macro one in particular is just fan-stinkin’-tabulous. The zoom is pretty sporty and the fish eye is just plain fun. I used it for my last image in the project.

Day Twenty-four ~
Life with cats has been interesting. They eat everything and are more nocturnal then I realized. Totally get the reputation for being quirky though. They thoroughly enjoyed Christmas…boxes, paper, ribbons, and the tree. It’s like a cat dream come true.

DPP 2014, Christmas. cats holidays

Day Twenty-five ~
Check it out…the fish eye lens is totally cool, isn’t it? Please note the lack of ornaments on the bottom half of the tree. Like I said, a cat’s dream come true.

DPP 2014, fisheye, holiday, Christmas

So, that’s it for my fourth year with the DPP. See y’all next year!


DPP Overload ~ Days Nineteen Through Twenty Three

This is the first year I have not missed a day in the December Photo Project.  I’m pretty pleased by that.

Unfortunately, I haven’t posted or shared them each day although I have still enjoyed seeing everyone else’s offerings on the facebook group page.

In order from the last five days:

Day Nineteen:
I think I found this bowl at a dumpy old resale store and fell in love with it. I use it a lot at Christmas and Easter.

On the 20th we went to Chipley and celebrated Christmas early with family. My niece’s family has a new home and they were wonderful hosts. Her tree was particularly pretty.

Day Twenty-one:
When Rob and I married I carried white tulips. It makes me quite happy every year when tulip season arrives because they are forever connected to one of the most joyous moments in  my life. I couldn’t resist snapping a quick photo with my phone at the bunches for sale in Sam’s Club the other night.

Day Twenty-two:
Sunset at my happy place after a photo session. The view from my corner of the world is pretty spectacular.

Day Twenty-three:
I didn’t buy the tulips the other night but a sweet friend gifted me a lovely bouquet the other day. The light over our bar gets rather dramatic in the evenings and I couldn’t resist another picture.

So only two more days to go before we wrap up this year’s photo challenge! Surely, I can manage two pictures and actually complete the series 🙂

DPP ~ Days Sixteen and Seventeen

Don’t worry, I didn’t eat them all!

I had to unwrap them so I could make these delicious cookies…one of my very first pinterest test kitchen’s and a favorite recipe. Did I mention they’re also simple to make and perfect for a holiday cookie exchange? Really! You should go check them out and make a batch. Your family will thank you.

I wish I could just say that I am so on top of things because today’s picture ready and it’s barely eight o’clock in the morning. Truth be told though, the moment just came early today 🙂 My mother-in-law is staying with a us a few days and Milo just curled up on her lap first thing this morning and it was such a peaceful moment that just needed to be captured with the camera. And just like that DPP for today is done!

DPP 2014 milo kitty

DPP ~ Days Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen

There was a wedding, some Christmas cookies were baked, and spent some time with a precious little newborn. That’s a busy three days but full of such goodness!

Day 13 ~

DPP 2014, wedding details, bridal bouquet, flowers

Day 14 ~
Taken with my cell phone and not nearly as lovely as Saturday or Monday’s picture. But after shooting a large event like a wedding I have to give my eyes a break 🙂

Day 15 ~ But today my eyes weren’t as tired and the thought of lifting my camera didn’t make me wince. Plus I still had the fabulous 35mm 1:4 that I had rented for the wedding and it shoots like a dream and oh my I wish I could keep it forever and ever. And then of course there was this sweetness going on.

newborn portraits

Just so precious. The wedding was beautiful and Emily’s cookies were tasty so I guess we can count these three days as a success.

DPP ~ Day Ten

Pretty enough on their own…but not as lovely as they will be on our tree…their beauty is best seen when they’re connected to something else.

Kind of like us…we may do okay on our own…and as the image bearer of God there is beauty seen in each of us…but we’re not made to be alone…and our beauty shines brightest when we’re a part of something else…when we adorn the lives of those around us.

DPP 2014 Day Ten Christmas Advent

DPP ~ Day Nine

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
     Everywhere you go…

Finally! I realize it seems ridiculous to feel like I am late in getting my Christmas decorations up and it’s only December 9th but for some reason I just feel like I am running behind. And really, I’m not. I never start putting things out until December.

True story. All my life we’d start decorating within the first couple of weeks of December and Christmas night it would all get taken down and put away.


Until we started celebrating Advent I did the same thing. I was ready to get my house back in order…ready for calm…and blank space. Decorating comes slower now though and somehow I just don’t mind the tree being up until Epiphany. Although I will admit that when it’s all said and done I am glad for the quiet barrenness that inevitably follows.

This year has been different in that I couldn’t wait to get the stuff out of the attic so I was pretty happy to at least get the mantle decorated today. It’s also been different in that I may or may not have actually listened to Christmas music before Thanksgiving…a major rule I have enforced with all the gusto of a drill sergeant with new recruits on the first day of basic training. I will neither confirm nor deny this though, lest my children find out and I never hear the end of it.

DPP 2014 Advent Christmas

DPP ~ Day Eight

Advent. It still seems new to me…this practice of celebrating the season of Light. I feel a little bit like the toddler that can walk but is still somewhat unsteady on their feet. A little wobbly yet in the fullness of my understanding and in our practice but steadily gaining ground. We came to it late, my family, but by the time our children are grown and in their own homes my prayer is that it will just be their way…this recognizing the Light that came to earth…but not just remembering…not only reminiscing about the sweet Christ child…but also living in the promised hope that He will return again.

Because these were taken within a few minutes of each other and I had a hard time choosing between the two I am going to share both. The first for today’s DPP and the second for my weekly black and white project.

DPP 2014 Christmas Advent

photo b/w advent Christmas