Sam’s World ~ An Evening of Theater and Recitation

Sam loves school.

He loves his class mates and knows just about all the students in the school.

He loves his teachers. (Although he wouldn’t say that ~ too romantic, you know!)

He doesn’t give us any trouble about homework and seems quite happy to do it.

Recently, the school held one of its annual events, An Evening of Theater and Recitation. Every class memorizes and performs some piece of literature. This year was the best ever as they all choose very well known classics and delivered them with skill and humor.

We weren’t really sure how Sam was going to do for several reasons. One, he has a tendency to mumble and smash all his words together into a barely coherent  blather of sound when asked to read aloud. Two, we didn’t know how he would handle being in from of a crowd. And, third, how well he would do following all the directions and controlling his body on stage.

Turns out we had no need to worry at all but he kept us guessing right up to the moment he got on stage. At home he was reluctant to practice his lines for us. And if he messed up he would make this horrible garbled sound pretending to rewind his words. Needless to say the words, “You can’t do that on stage!” came out quite a bit. But he didn’t make any mistakes, he spoke clearly and was easily understood.

Oh, I wish you could have seen him! He stood so tall and proud with his class and practically vibrated with excitement. His eyes sparkled and his smile was HUGE! Because I was photographing the event he saw me on the front row and winked at me several times.

He stepped forward to deliver his lines and the stepped back, glancing at his neighbor as if to say, “I did it right, didn’t I? Did you see me?!” Thrilled with his delivery and the success of the performance he gave a nice little fist pump as they all walked off stage. I missed that though. My eyes were a little blurry because I teared up at the sheer joy that showed on his face the whole time.

Afterwards, many people told us how much they enjoyed seeing his anticipation and excitement. Many people congratulated him and it fueled his idea that he is now famous. He sat back in one of the seats and slung both arms across the back of them and pronounced himself very satisfied.

As we celebrated with McFlurries on the way home he asked Rob, “It was the best day ever, Dad?”

“It sure was, Buddy.”

I know this is a Sam’s World post but I just have to let you know the girls did a fabulous job too.


3 thoughts on “Sam’s World ~ An Evening of Theater and Recitation

  1. I cried reading this post. I am so proud of him, as I am sure you all are. It is amazing to see God working in \”Sams World\”, as he is encouraged and strenghthened by his savior everyday, and as his family is obedient to the calling of \”raising him up…\”, I love to see the blessings of your faith. He is amazing and he has an amazing family.


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