Your Hearts Will Rejoice


29 thoughts on “Your Hearts Will Rejoice

  1. Hi Marty! That's amazing that you had this quote up today. I know you visited my blog, so you saw my little grandchild. I have never given birth myself, but knowing what my daughter went through, it sure gives you an appreciation for life.I have my sorrows too. It's so good to have the passages on that topic to help me realize that it's not just me, and that good will come of it. Hard to see sometimes, but that's what faith is for, right?How nice to meet you! I hope you'll stop by again, and we can get to know each other better.Ceil


  2. How true! It truly is amazing how we can endure such pain one moment and seconds after the baby is born we can feel wonderful! I'll never forget delivering my son – the only one I had naturally. I could definitely feel the Lord's presence. Thank you so much for this – it's lovely to remember such moments 🙂 Have a blessed week!


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