What Love Looks Like

Odd isn’t it, that love looks like a soap dish full of q-tips? It also looks a lot like clean socks and t-shirts.
These are simple and very basic things that make my husband feel loved. Having what he needs, where he needs it, when he needs it. Now he isn’t an oger, demanding these things. But in the life of our marriage I’ve learned that those little things make a big difference to him.

I’ve been pondering this lately…what it means to love each other. It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life and depend on the grand gesture (flowers, dinner, or special date, etc.) of love a few weeks ago to be enough to communicate our affection. But it’s these day to day simple things like checking to make sure that there are plenty of q-tips handy that build up the strength of our relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, the dinner dates and special things are nice and necessary as well, just in a different way. But finding the beauty in the every day mundane tasks that give us opportunity to love (in a verb sense) is like the day to day sunshine of life. We need far more of it to flourish than the occasional rainbow.

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