Sweet Shot Tuesday #5 ~ Twofer

First of all, did you know the word “twofer” is actually a word? Like a real word in the dictionary and everything? I didn’t…I just thought it was something we say and fully expected spell check to show up when I typed the word. And when it didn’t I had to look it up just to make sure that it meant what I thought it meant before I posted it here in the blog world.

All of that to say that this week I am posting two images. Technically neither one has perfect composition but I have learned that sometimes the value of an image is not in perfect execution but rather in the moment that it captures.

I look at these pictures and I hear laughter bouncing off the walls…I see the delight of a younger sister when the older sister picks her up and swings her around…I shake my head at the week long chapter in our life’s story that had a living room minus furniture.

Pictures don’t really tell a story. They merely reflect the stories that we live…and sometimes that happens a little outside the frame.

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16 thoughts on “Sweet Shot Tuesday #5 ~ Twofer

  1. these are such fun photos! I agree that sometimes the value of a photograph isn't in perfect composition, or exposure, or even perfect focus… but rather in the moment that is captured and the emotion it brings forth. 🙂


  2. Wonderful captures … filled with life and action, at the same time very poetic! I love how one can see a bit of her blond hair in the top picture, and the swan-like beauty in the lower picture – very special & beautiful!


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