Where Our Chapters Meet

During an interesting conversation last night the question was posed, “What is the Bible?” The simple answer is that the Bible is the story of God and His people. It’s tells of perfect love, unfaithfulness, forgiveness and a global pursuit. The amazing thing is that we are part of that story. And that somehow all our stories can connect and meet and share a plot line.

It happens in the unlikeliest of ways too. Just take the arrival of the King for instance. Not what anyone was expecting at all. Think of the crazy ways you’ve met the people who are part of your story now. Some of it sounds crazy and impossible doesn’t it? That’s really what this post is about. Somehow, through the magic of cyberspace and blog hops I can across a woman who knows all about the Author’s way of writing unlikely scenarios into our stories, who has learned that the way up is the way down.

Because of this I am now part of her story. Not just as a passive reader either, observing the latest chapters unfold on her blog and facebook. But praying for her family as God penned a chapter of their lives in the tiny land of Haiti. You are part of that story too. Go visit with Jennifer and see what God has done and is doing in the story of His pursuit of His people. Read how her husband and daughters have story lines that thread across the country for thousands of miles from Iowa to Haiti. It’s beautiful.

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10 thoughts on “Where Our Chapters Meet

  1. Beautifully written, Marty. If we all lived our lives realizing that every soul we meet is for a greater purpose, we just might find ourselves looking at life a little differently than we do through human eyes. 🙂


  2. Your words are true. The Bible is full of stories. Jesus taught with stories. Our lives are stories, aren't they? And they do intersect. I love your use of the globe to illustrate your point!


  3. Thank you, Sharon! My whole world view changed when I learned to view Scripture as one complete story of God and His people and not just Old Testament and New Testament…one part for Jews and one part for everyone else.


  4. Your perspective is so true, and you're making it so real by referring to Facebook and blogging ~ we're writing the story of God's people … It goes on. I'm going to make a cup of yea, and read further on the link, you address in the post. Thank you Marty!


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