Telling Stories

Spanish moss dripped from the branches
offering relief from the August sun
brick walk ways wound a path
through headstones and grave markers
dappled light filtered down from trees
I walked through their stories
who they were
what life they had lived
reminders of ones who have come before
that I never knew
who cried and laughed 
raged and sought peace
finding an odd comfort 
in this place 
that somehow affirms 
life through death
telling their stories with few words
Sharing with the No Rules Blog Party, Photo Story Friday, and 1440

2 thoughts on “Telling Stories

  1. I wonder if you went there yourself? I've never gone to a cemetery alone before. I feel very unsure as if spirits are watching me…Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)


  2. Actually, I wasn't alone although I have gone before. This is a historic cemetery surrounding my friend's church in South Carolina…one of the oldest in the city.Going alone does create a sort of different feeling and consequently tone to the images I think.


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