My Not So Wordless Wednesday

Last week I posted my first giveaway and said I would announce the winner on Tuesday. Only I didn’t. But for a good reason…I was observing the world wide web day of silence in honor of the victims of Newtown, CT. So if you were waiting to see if you won the note cards, please forgive the delay. But before I say who won I have one other thing I’d like to share with you. And I am going to ask that you share it to.

I tried to find a way to show this video directly but couldn’t so I’ll just post the link. Ana Grace was one of the children killed last week. Her mother posted this video clip of her singing “Come Thou Almighty King” accompanied by her brother on the piano. Her request is that the video be seen so that the world will know the victims and not the shooter. It’s less than a minute long so please, take a moment and watch. And then share it on your facebook or blog.

Now onto the winner of the set of note cards…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd the randomly drawn winner is:

Paula from Life As We Know It

Congratulations, Paula! Leave a comment letting me know you sent me your address at and I’ll get these right out for you:-)

I’ll be sharing this post at Paula’s link up party today and Picture Perfect Blog Hop and visiting with This Girl’s Life for the first time.


10 thoughts on “My Not So Wordless Wednesday

  1. What a lovely thing to win! Your photo cards are always so beautiful! :)Like you, I found myself just stopping and pondering things after last Friday. Thus, the presence of yet more silence on my own blog.Thank you for sharing the sweet, sweet video.


  2. Oh goodness there is no way I could watch this video! I'd cry and cry…Thanks for linking up for WW and I can't believe I'm a winner!!!! Woohoo thank you :))))


  3. Thank you for sharing that video. I've limited my own exposure for sanity's sake (I have two daughters who are 6 and 7), but I will do what I can to honor those lost and those left behind. Found you through the hop. You have a beautiful blog.


  4. Thank you for your kind comments about the blog! I have also limited my exposure to the events in Newtown…not because I do not care but because I think the media makes into almost a Lifetime channel movie. The coverage does nothing to help.


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