He Must Do It

May the only one who can bring true comfort be near to those who mourn and weep this day.

Praying for the families in Connecticut with Fresh Brewed Sundays, Sunday Community,  and Scripture and a Snapshot.


15 thoughts on “He Must Do It

  1. Hi MattThank you for this verse. It comforts me to as I realize that although we want to help carry the victims' pain, only our God in and through us is ever able to heal the brokenhearted. And even when they are alone, our Pappa will always be with them, holding them in His Loving Embrace.Much love XXMia


  2. I hope we continue to pray for them later on as our lives get busy and the horror of the event fades from our minds…as hard as this must be now I imagine that the real difficulties will come in the next couple of weeks and months.


  3. There's nothing, no one we can ever rely upon during these serious tragic incidents/occurrences. He is IT. When hearts are broken, He is the Healer. Must turn to Him only, over and over again.


  4. This is one of my favorite verses…. I had it on a bulletin board in my classroom when I was teaching at the Christian school.


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