How We Spent Thanksgiving

We originally thought some very dear friends were going to come visit us for Thanksgiving but much to every one’s disappointment it wasn’t able to happen. So some other very dear friends invited us and our twenty-five and a half pound turkey to feast with them.

One the beach.

My favorite place.

And the weather was wonderful. The water was crystal clear and we were able to see a bunch of frolicking dolphins and a fever of stingrays. (I looked that up to see what you call a bunch of stingrays 🙂

The kids were even able to pick up a game of beach volleyball with some really nice people from Mississippi  and they raced each other up and down the beach.

On your mark…get set…GO!

He’s in the lead!

It looks like he may hold onto his position…

But big sister pulls ahead…

He doesn’t like that; he must do something…

He’s going to take her down!

They spin…

 Please note Emily celebrating the victory in the background.

Little Miss Claire was pretty busy collecting shells and Abby went back up stairs to help make some homemade yeast rolls that were fan-tab-ulous!

All together it was a great day of relaxing thankfulness. Hope you enjoyed yours as well!

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4 thoughts on “How We Spent Thanksgiving

  1. Hi Marty! I'm following from Paula's blog hop. I love your photos and captions! I also have a blog hop on the go if you want to join.Tina – American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa


  2. Happy thanksgiving! That sounds like a lovely afternoon. It's a bit chilly here (Victoria, BC) for going to the beach, but we were down there the other weekend and the kids had a fun time playing in the sand. 🙂


  3. Looking at these pictures makes me laugh! Oh, how typical… LOL! Love that last photo! Makes me want to go visit a beach. Too bad there are no \”real\” ones close by! Your Thanksgiving looks like it was lovely!!


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