Proverbs 31:26

My first try at subway art…the background is actually a mistake I made shooting something and not realizing I had the camera on manual focus. The words of course are from Proverbs 31.

Did you know that portion of Proverbs 31 was actually the teaching by a mother to her son as a way to teach him what to look for in a wife? Also, the word translated virtuous or excellent is the same word used in other parts of Scripture to describe a well prepared soldier or army?

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15 thoughts on “Proverbs 31:26

  1. Stopping by for a visit from Jumping Tandem! You did a beautiful job! What a wonderful mistake.Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Please add the ladies from my chronic illness group in your prayers today. May they experience the Heavenly Father's love and comfort. In Jesus name. Amen!


  2. Marty, I just LOVE this!!! You did such a great job!! I love that you used a \”mistake\” to make something so beautiful 🙂 Love the scripture, too!! Thanks for sharing, have a blessed day!!


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