How tragic that the same time our country is suffering with an obesity epidemic we also suffer from a skinny jeans fad.

I’m all about making use of the crock pot. Especially in the fall. But cheesecake? Seriously? I think your cheesecake standards may be too low if this is acceptable. It’s like equating the jello no bake cheesecake with a dreamy slice from the Cheesecake Factory.

Confession: I use google as one giant spell checker.

I bet the same guy who added the extra ‘r’ in February is the same guy that came up with the spelling for Wednesday.~ Will Farrell (not a direct quote mind you…he has a potty mouth.)

I probably should seek professional help when it comes to menu planning and grocery shopping.
Step one~ go through almost every one of the 121 dinner recipes plus the 204 dessert recipes I’ve pinned (don’t judge me…desserts are yummy) and confirm self diagnosis of food ADD.
Step two~ Force myself to get a grip, choose a loose menu to follow for the upcoming week and make a grocery list.
Step three~ go to grocery store and buy items on list and while there edit said list adding in random items I come across that surely I meant to add at home if only I had not been so distracted by all the pinterest recipes
Step four~ return home and put groceries away and immediately begin new list of items that somehow I had not crossed off previous list nor purchased.

If we actually believe John Tesh’s claim of a new and improved life in two minutes or less delivered over the radio then we deserve whatever kind of world we live in.

I watch too much sci-fi. I know this because when I was brushing my teeth and saw gray foam my first thought was not that I had eaten blueberries for breakfast. My first thought was to wonder if I had developed a “trouble” a la Haven style. If I had not come to my senses I probably would have continued down a thought trail worthy of a Fringe or Alphas episode I’m sure.

My kids race to grab quilts and throws each night for bed. It’s not because the quilts are exceptionally comfy (although the green one made by my friend Lori is a house favorite) or because it is exceptionally cold. We live in Florida people. No, it’s because they have discovered that sleeping with the throws or quilts means that making their beds the next morning is an almost non task. Lazy and ingenious. Not sure what that means.


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