A Glimpse of Moscow

No, not the one in Russia. The one here in the good ol’ US of A. The one northwest of me and almost as far away as you can get and still be in the continental US Moscow. You know, the one where my oldest wants to go to college? The idea of which freaks this momma heart out just a little because it’s so far away. But there is so much good there that I can’t imagine her going anywhere else anymore than she can.

Part of the reason Rob and I were there last week was for the Grace Agenda conference (which was great!) and to check out New Saint Andrews. We have a lot of crossover in our church and school communities with the college. Trinitas alumni have gone on to the college and the school has had several teachers that are graduates from there. Considering that Sarah will need to be getting paperwork turned in this time next year we figured it was time for us to go ourselves and see it in person.

So, it was everything we thought and expected. The community it has established is rich and fertile. The two main churches connected to NSA are doing a fine job cultivating that community as well as serving the area around them. In short it was pretty amazing.

We were able to sit in on classes and lectures; as well as attend a debate that was fairly interesting. We met a ton of people, renewed some previous acquaintances and I am really looking forward to Sarah going for a visit next year.

I’m also kind of excited about going to the weekly farmer’s market too. It was so awesome. Lots of vendors, craftsmen and food. It was colorful, bright, and a photographers dream Saturday morning. May I also just point out that 1.) The produce was huge. Huge I tell ya. I realize that the farmland up there is better, I guess, than what is around here but seriously!  I was amazed at the size and quality. Which leads me to point number 2.) These people came prepared to sell stuff. No ridiculous shaky tents and lawn chairs with a couple of tiny plastic baskets of veggies, no piddly amount of wares…they came with baskets and bins loaded with stuff.

Comparing it to the Pensacola Farmer’s Market (do not get me started on Milton’s pitiful attempt) it really isn’t that much bigger but it felt more open. The one on Palafox Street seems so confining now after seeing the one in Moscow. Which is a shame because we have some lovely vendors around here and while our produce may not grow as large I think it could be marketed better and be more popular than it is. I do know that I’d be more inclined to make it a family event if it were more like what I saw there. But that’s just me.

Enough of my rambling though. Enjoy Moscow’s farmer’s market!


4 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Moscow

  1. Moscow is 25 minutes from where Ryan's family's farm is, where he grew up farming 1900 acres (or something like that) in Colfax, WA. They know how to put on a farmers market up there for sure. We haven't found anything close to it down here and it's been disappointing. Even on the western side of WA, in and around Seattle, the farmers markets were quite impressive. I don't miss living up there, but I do miss the ginormousness of the bounty displayed at the markets and fairs.


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