The Color of White

When Claire was about three you could ask what her favorite color was and she would always give the unusual answer of white. How many three year old girls have you ever met that choose white to be their favorite color? Pink ~ standard. Purple ~ normal. Maybe a blue or a green. But white? She’s the only one I’ve ever heard answer that way. (True story…we were at a school function for her big sisters and she got SO excited to see little cups of white ice cream. It was adorable.)

The theme for this month’s blog circle was color. I like color. My kids will randomly ask me what my favorite color is and it depends on my mood. But for some reason as I thought about this project I couldn’t get away from white. I realize that for most of us we see white as colorless…the complete absence of color. White is basically the opposite of color. Which is true.

Only it’s also the presence of all the colors.

Seriously. Google the question, “Is white a color?” and you’ll pull up over 400 million results. I clicked through the top five and the answer is yes and no and really depends on what you’re actually asking. It’s gets pretty technical pretty quickly and I just wanted to take pictures of white stuff. I didn’t get very far trying to understand the differences so I just went with it.

Colors are often associated with various emotions. But white…white reflects back what we see with our mind’s eye, with the color palette of our thoughts.

 There is something very soothing about white sheers billowing away from the breezy open window.

The wistfulness of a dandelion.

The excitement of pristine sneakers the night before the first day of school.

The purity of true love in a white wedding gown.

The softness of beauty seen in the petals of a daisy.

The fuzzy promise of warm socks and comfy t-shirts in a ball of cotton.

The unlimited creativity of a blank canvas.

White is open, receptive, vast and endless with possibility.

I think I may have a different answer the next time my kids ask me what my favorite color is 🙂

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